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Ah, it's all mathematics.
I didn't think or know any of it, but if you think about full subjects for a long time in understandable words, everything just inevitably grows into more and more and more thoughts that logically gives us so much knowledge that we cannot stop our minds from setting them down as potential proofs.

It doesn't rain indoors, but I remember the absurd time when my loveliest economics helper and I saw rain completely without clouds. Wondered for 10 minutes what this sorcery was showing us, but never ever understanding where it would come from.

What if that is Jesus, lovely. What if its compounds make up some kind of a divergent. 

One thing I do know is that everything, just like yawning, is contagious, worries, back-pain, laughter, happiness and thoughts.

And we will always inevitably be the result of what we read,
what we see and who we spend our time with.

Isabella JohanssonComment